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  This glossary explains many terms related to heart issues. Our aim is to help inform readers of the meanings and uses of various terms. The contents are not advice, and the BCPA and the author cannot accept any responsibility. The choices of what terms are included are somewhat arbitrary - including terms on prevention, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, rehabilitation, and research.
  For ease of English style, we have sometimes used 'you' to mean the patient or carer, as well as the reader.


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This information was created and edited by Richard Maddison for the BCPA.
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Authors, sources and acknowledgements

The main sources are BCPA Journal published articles, other information from authors, and publicly available documents and websites. In many cases the journal articles give sources and further information than the Glossary entries.

Parts of the wordings under ECG and Echocardiogram are adapted with permission from BUPA's health information resources, available at

We hope we have thanked everyone.

Richard Maddison

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