Caring the Caros way

  At Caros, we believe that staying healthy should be made easy for you and those most important to you. We think that just because you’ve been diagnosed with an illness, been to hospital, or are just thinking ahead and want to avoid complications, it does not mean that you cannot get healthier - you just need to modify your lifestyle, and one of the most important steps in making and sticking to these changes is to check your progress.

  As you get older the minor aches and pains start to matter, and managing illnesses (either your own or someone else’s), through medicines or lifestyle changes, becomes an important part of life. For some people these changes are expected (family histories, gradual onset, etc.), while for others they come as a shock. Whenever it happens though, the question everyone asks is; how much change do I really need to make, and how much better am I (or the person I care for) getting?

  So, we’ve put a health management system together that measures key health indicators (weight, daily activity, blood pressure) and shows how these change over time. Because we know that support is an important part of lifestyle improvement, the Caros system also connects family and friends in a Care network around the User for the encouragement needed to make these all important lifestyle changes and create the new habit of self-monitoring.

How does it work?

  When you join Caros you’ll get a blood pressure monitor, weighing scales, and an activity monitor. You’ll also be able to download an app for your phone, and activate your own online profile, all as part of your monthly subscription.

  Your devices are all Bluetooth enabled, which means they send readings automatically to the Caros app on your phone so you only have to take the reading – no more writing things down to keep track. From your phone the readings are sent through your home Wi-Fi network to your online profile, where they are instantly plotted on a chart. It might sound complicated, but the difference that you’ll see with Caros is that it’s designed to be easy to use. We want Caros to do all this because we think that technology should make life easier, and simpler, so that you can focus on the important task of getting healthier.

  Along with setting a monitoring schedule that reminds you when to take your readings, (for example two blood pressure readings a week, and three weight measurements) your Caros profile also lets you set your own schedule for taking any prescribed medicines and will alert you when it’s time to take them. Handy if you’re juggling medication long-term for yourself or someone else.

  We know that getting healthy and maintaining good health is a team effort so with Caros you can invite supporters to your Care Network. These can be friends, family, Healthcare professionals – they’ll see when you take readings, and you’ll get the pat on the back you need to stick to a healthier lifestyle.

Why Caros?

  No one wants to be ill, and everyone wants to be healthier, so we’ve made it fun to look after your health with the Caros Continue rewards scheme. If you stick to the monitoring schedule you have in your profile you’ll get Continue points, and every three months you’ll get rewarded – with shopping vouchers at great outlets.

  So, for better health, a chance to be more connected, and the opportunity to have fun while you’re doing it try Caros.

  Register your interest ahead of the official launch today and get 10% off your subscription when you sign-up by visiting